Sunday, December 28, 2008

Past denial, straight into ANGER

So over the weekend I was hoping against hope that Jeff would come to his senses. Daydreaming, according to psychoanalysts, is just another form of denial.

Then I spoke with him. Now I'm square into anger. How dare he toy with me like that? How dare he play the field and expect me not to? What an ASSHOLE!

I'm hoping to move through bargaining as quickly as possible -- before I even notice is -- and settle into acceptance. Right now, though, I'm just boiling mad. Thank Gd I have new year's plans, and even though I didn't go to the Chanuka party I was invited to yesterday, at least I'm getting out somewhat.
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  1. Glad you have moved into the 'anger' phase--much healthier than Vitamin K.
    The guy's a jerk and you are well rid of him. I wish you hadn't wasted any time or emotional energy on him but what can you do? At least you can hopefully take satisfaction in knowing it wasn't anything YOU did.
    Glad you have New Year's Eve plans and good for you for keeping an open mind re "Sam"

  2. I hope that you get through this quickly and with minimal pain and suffering. Seeing the pain that comes from more secular style dating makes me grateful that I'm Chassidish. Sit-ins are a wonderful thing. LOL

  3. Ayelet - how do you know that he didn't have his first date with this woman after your first date with him? I realize that his choice is upsetting, but none of the info you gave us indicated that he WAS dating the two of you at the same time. It seems like an assumption you're making, unless there is some info I am missing.

  4. That certainly would explain why he was suddenly so "busy" -- but then why would he make up stuff about work, seeing his kids, etc?

  5. Wouldn't that just be a lame excuse to not see you again...listen, the guy is a shmuck, and clearly missed out with you, but it doesn't make him a liar, necessarily.

  6. Hi,

    Just wanted to preface this by saying I love your blog and thing it is amazing you are willing to share your feelings and experiences with us.

    That said - haven't you gone out with Jeff like once? So you had some nice e-mails, texts, and he was decent looking for a change - hun, you don't owe each other anything. I understand dating, espeicially internet dating, is rough, but don't get attached to some guy whom you met once and who you are essentially forming an opinion of based not on real life experience, but through internet chatting. He isn't worth it, let it go, and stop posting about him so you can move on to bigger and better things.