Monday, December 22, 2008


Jeff sent me a text message on Friday, which I got today after activating my new cell phone:

Have a good Shabbos, Ayelet. It's bad out here. Roads.

Do I respond or do I not respond? I didn't want to be rude. But I really hate text messages. I hate typing on a phone keyboard, and I hate paying $.20 to send or receive each one. But I know Jeff loves them -- perhaps a little too much. I'm not immune to foibles, by any stretch, so maybe I should just indulge him a little.

Thanks I lost my cell and just got a new one 2day hope u r having a nice Chanuka

I wonder what I'll do if he asks me out again. I kind of doubt he will, but I suppose it's possible.
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  1. For another $5, you can get something like 200 texts per month. That ought to cover you, shouldn't it?

  2. I'm not wavering about getting a plan that includes more text messages, I'm wavering about going out with him again! If I start a relationship with him, I'll have to negotiate this issue along with so many others -- is it worth trying? I know ET the actuary saw my apartment as underutilized space, but I think Jeff would run screaming into the night...

  3. Why would Jeff see your apartment on the second date?

    I recognize that you're leery of his inflexibility, but maybe he unclenches after a while?

  4. Of course he wouldn't see it on the second date, but he'll see it *eventually* if we keep seeing each other, and he's a real neat freak. Granted, you'd think that between then and now I'd actually clean the place.