Thursday, December 18, 2008

Who needs an inflexible divorced guy when you've got Yet Another Iraqi?

Yet Another Iraqi (YAI) finally wrote back:

Hi Ayelet! :)

Forgive me for not writing sooner. I'm deluged with work and year-ends so finding time to socialize has been challenging. Im not getting any younger...I should probably prioritize better huh?

So you have a 'special thing' for Iraqis. Who knew you had such good taste? We are an interesting bunch for sure. Mostly charitable, but probably not the most religious of the jews. Unfortunately. You'll have to indulge me with why you have such an affinity for us Babylonians...

Anything exciting planned for the holidays? YAI

Be still, my heart... (Did I mention he's a year younger than I am and seriously cute?)


It's a busy time of year. I'm flattered to hear back from you amid your year-end deluge ;)

I like Babylonians because they're passionate, sensitive, intelligent, honest, and straightforward. No BS, no drama, just sincerity and affection. I love all Sephardim -- great food, great fun -- but I guess Babylonians are just special.

I'm going to a Chanukah party on Sunday and a Chanukah shabbaton after Xmas. There are some other parties but I'm not sure I'll be in the mood -- during the week I work pretty hard and I come home tired. Amused, usually -- my clients are frequently hilarious, especially when they're not trying to be -- but tired. What are your plans?

Shabbat shalom, Ayelet

This bodes well. Too bad he's in Toronto. Then again, a little distance might force me to get to know him really well before I try to see if he's, well, hung like an Iraqi. (Something I decided not to mention in my response to him.)
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