Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yet another Iraqi

Before Jeff returned from obscurity, I noticed another profile on Frumster.

My friends will tell you that...ok, my mom will tell you that I'm kind, charitable, humble and just an all around spectacular human being. I wasnt expecting to have to market myself to the on-line masses, but its become apparent that the perfect articulate jewish brunette isn't going to knock on my door without getting directions. So, yooo hooo...over here.

I like guys who like articulate brunettes, so I wrote to him:

Well, I'm not PERFECT, but if you read my forum posts you'll see I'm articulate, and my picture proves I'm a brunette. (Natural brunette.) You sound like a fun and interesting person, and I"d love to get to know you better.

He looked at my profile and didn't respond for days, so I assumed he wasn't interested. I was wrong.

You are, aren't you :) Shavuah Tov, and thank you for the very sweet message and compliments.

I like to think that I am fun and interesting. I've also been extensively reconditioned by a recently vacated ex-girlfriend to be sensitive to the emotional upheavals experienced in the average female day. Are you lucky or what?

So have you found dating guys in New York to be a challenge?

A challenge? Kind of an understatement.

I'm also very modest ;)

I'd like to think that my emotional upheavals are not quite a daily experience. I'd guess that might be part of the reason she's an ex-girlfriend. I am a moody person, won't deny that (I'm a Gemini), but I try not to take my moods out on the innocent and unwary.

Dating in NYC must be a challenge. Otherwise, why would I still be single?


PS: I love Sephardim and have a special thing for Iraqis.

I must, since I seem to keep dating them. He's read it but hasn't written back yet. I'll see what happens.
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