Sunday, January 18, 2009

Busy Shabbos

I was excited Friday afternoon -- my friends Chaya and Zoya were in town, and we had plans. Friday night, Chaya and I and our friend Sophie were having dinner at a friend's. Shabbos lunch, we were all going to Ruchama's (and I had some more of my cast-off shoes for Tikva). Saturday night we planned to hit a melava malka and then take in a Piamenta concert. He's a Moroccan/Lubavitch rock star.

Chaya and Zoya are both very attractive, and sometimes I feel like the moon around them. If the sun has set, people notice the moon. If the sun is out -- not so much. At dinner, I felt ignored. Not by the host, who's a friend of mine, but by every other man in the room. I wouldn't have cared except one of them was kind of cute. I did meet a very interesting woman who has a PhD in experimental psychology from Harvard and now conducts opinion polls and market research, so talking to her was fun.

After dinner Chaya, Sophie, and I went to another person's meal, and again I felt ignored by all the men there -- except Facebook Guy. Who is such a sweet person, and I so wish I could like him. He hinted that he'd like for us to go out again and told me how pretty I looked. But we're just not compatible. I need someone who's quick-witted, not someone who needs me to explain the jokes in "Get Smart." I realize he was raised chassidish, but still.

Shabbos day I hung out with Shuli & Co. Baruch didn't sneeze on me, and he let me pick him up right from his nap, which is a big sign of trust. Elimelech also craved my attention and we read a few books. Then Chaya, Zoya, and I went to lunch, which was also lots of fun, although Tikva had a play date and didn't pay too much attention to me. She sure loved the shoes, though.

After lunch we decided to go to shalosh seudos. I don't know many people who go to that particular shul, and my one previous experience with shalosh seudos there wasn't great, but I was with friends so it didn't matter.

One of the people who gave a dvar Torah was a Facebook friend of mine. I've seen him on Frumster for a while, and then somehow we became friends on Facebook, but I'd never met him. I mentioned to Chaya and Zoya that I sort of knew him.

"Go say hi!" said Chaya. "He's cute!!!" He is cute. Prematurely gray -- actually silver-white -- with blue eyes. A little chubby, but who am I to talk?

"Go tell him you liked his dvar Torah!" insisted Zoya. I actually did. He included some concepts from prominent rabbis that were very reminiscent of the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy.

"I don't know..." I hazarded.

"GO!!!!" they commanded. I went. He was talking to the shul's rabbi. I felt like an idiot waiting for him to notice me, but he finally did.

"Hi, I'm Ayelet Survivor," I said. "We're friends on Facebook, I think."

"We are," he said. "Nice to meet you in real life." I think I'll call him Another Facebook Guy (AFG).

"Likewise," I said, and told him how much I liked his dvar Torah. We chatted for a minute, then it was time for ma'ariv, so I went back to my friends.

"What did he say?" they asked almost in unison. I recapped the conversation.

"I was davening for you!" said Chaya. She's so adorable. We went upstairs for maariv and havdalah, then bundled up to go home. Outside, we stood on the corner discussing our plans for the evening. AFG and another gentleman walked by.

"Shavua tov -- it was nice meeting you, Ayelet," he said again.

"You too -- shavua tov!" I said.

Chaya and Zoya started squealing as soon as he was out of earshot. "He likes you! He likes you! OMG Ayelet, this could be it!"

"Slow down, girls," I said. "How are we meeting up tonight?" We agreed to meet up at the melava malka. I went home and of course immediately logged onto Facebook, changing my status update to:

Ayelet is looking forward to the melava malka!

Then I took a shower, and when I rechecked Facebook, I had an email. From AFG.

Thanks for introducing yourself earlier this evening. It was nice to meet you in person and to hear your insights on my talk. Enjoy the melava malka :).

I decided to play by The Rules and not answer right away. I'll write back tonight or tomorrow. Instead, I got ready and went to the melava malka, which was very nice -- saw a lot of friends. Most of whom took tons of photos of everyone there. I'm getting more comfortable at looking at photos of myself at this weight and not feeling disgusted. Also, I was rocking a new red top that fits perfectly and felt pretty confident.

Then we went to the Piamenta concert with some other really cool friends... and in walked G.I. Josh and Sophie. Which felt uncomfortable. Should I warn her that he's emotionally abusive, commitment-phobic and not really shomer shabbat? I guess she'll find out in time.

It was very loud but a lot of fun. I developed a mild crush on the keyboardist until I found out he's 16.

Today I'm going to go to an engagement party for another Facebook friend. Unfortunately, it's in Brooklyn, but Chaya and I are traveling together so it should be a lot of fun. Despite the torrential snow ;)
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