Tuesday, January 20, 2009

DIB resurfaces

I kept seeing DIB on Frumster. He hadn't read the last message I sent him, but I was curious, so I sent him an IM anyway:

Ayelet: so what happened
DIB: sorry got preoccupied with a family matter
Ayelet: oh -- sorry to hear that, hope everything's ok
DIB: thanks, how have you been
Ayelet: very well, thanks, work's good
DIB: what do you do

Hasn't he read my profile yet?

Ayelet: I'm a clinical social worker
DIB: in a private organization
Ayelet: yes, a private not-for-profit agency
DIB: just looking at your picture
Ayelet: ok
DIB: is this a recent photo?

No, it's from college. And why is your photo password-protected?

Ayelet: which one? in the red dress? that's from this past New Year's
what's ur password?
DIB: you are gorgeous
Ayelet: (blush) thanks
DIB: DIB11216
blushing thats soooo cute

Glad you think so.

DIB: would you have gone out without seeing it?
Ayelet: probably, but now I'll be a lot less worried ;)
I approve of the glasses and the chest hair

Then his IM window closed abruptly. Was it something I said? After a few tries, I re-established contact.

Ayelet: hi
DIB: hi, so what happened before
Ayelet: not sure, u got disconnected
DIB: did you see my pic
Ayelet: yes, very nice
I approve of the glasses and chest hair ;)
DIB: thats all?
Ayelet: and the rest ain't bad ;)
DIB: thanks
Ayelet: anytime
DIB: just a question in a nutshell what are your goals for the next year?

That's a pretty big honkin' nutshell.

Ayelet: publish an article, progress at work, and get engaged and/or married... yours?
DIB: and what is the order of importance?
Ayelet: get engaged is top priority, but the hardest to achieve
DIB: same here... and kids?
Ayelet: would like as many as I can handle
DIB: i had to ask

On IM? Isn't this the type of question you ask over, say, coffee or dinner?

Ayelet: how about u?
DIB: same, i need to find someone, and soon
Ayelet: so when are we going out to dinner? ;)
DIB: i am getting desperate

Great. He's asking me out because he's desperate.

Ayelet: desperate is not a good quality
DIB: i know i know, its hard to find someone homely and warm
nowadays everyone likes to keep a distance; i grew up differently

I think by "homely" he doesn't mean unattractive but "haimish."

Ayelet: so when are we going out to dinner? ;)
DIB: so no comment about what i said :-)
we could go out either in the end of this week or beginning of next
Ayelet: it is definitely hard to find someone warm and sweet
DIB: are you warm and sweet?
Ayelet: of course, but I also have an edge
DIB: an edge?
Ayelet: I'm witty
DIB: thats a very good thing then

People often tell me I'm too sharp and critical, that it's not an attractive quality. Am I warm and sweet? I guess, but I'm also sarcastic. Which I edited to "witty."

Ayelet: let's talk on the phone tomorrow night
DIB: ok, and your number is?
Ayelet: 212-xxx-xxxx
DIB: and your name is?
Ayelet: Ayelet
DIB: Ayelet and DIB
Ayelet: od yishama... ;) good night, chalomot paz
DIB: thanks, to you too

We'll see if he calls tonight.
Copyright (c) "Ayelet Survivor"

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  1. I think homely does mean haimish. My mother and I once saw a store with that name in an Israeli mall and we had to enlighten the owner about what the word 'really' means in English.

    I think it's this guy's move now. I wouldn't rush to IM him any more--see if he actually follows through. Hoping for the best though!