Monday, January 26, 2009

Facebook follies

Zoya and I started an interesting status update thread. She friended someone I know who is not a nice guy. I emailed her to let her know that. She then posted:

Zoya just heard disturbing news. Jewish guys behaving badly is not good news for our community...

I chimed in:

girls need to stick together

And then Dopey threw in his 2 cents:

Jewish girls behaving badly is worse news! Why do you think we mostly marry shiksas? Do you think we grow up wanting to marry shiksas??

Um, issues much? I wrote:

need a porter to help you with that baggage, Dopey?

He reacted with:

At least I don't post my baggage on FB for all the world to see! Now go take some challah kneeding classes and chap yourself a husband, yenta!

Zoya responded:

Dopey I have heard nice things abt u so far, so don't spoil it.

He spoiled it:

nice?? I'm a BAD Jewish boy, and proud of it! All you yentas can kiss my tsits-tsits!

Sheesh. I can't let him say that to Zoya!

bad? that's pretty obvious, and it doesn't seem like any of us will be kissing you anywhere anytime soon

Zoya is nicer than I am:

Dopey u seem very insecure to me. I'll be in ur city soon. If I'm unlucky then u might run into me. U def should stick with the shiksas because Jewish girls just don't kiss tzitsit :)

And he said:

insecure?? lol! I guess my reputation does not precede me. Just for that, I'm going to run into you in my Chabad On Wheels truck! You'll be kissin' a shit-load of tsits-tsists before I'm done with you!

Oh-kay. Now Zoya's scared. She emails me:

What in the hell is Dopey trying to say to me?? Is he trying to be cocky, funny or a plain asshole?? I'm too tired and not getting the "humor" there.

I wrote back:

I think he's an asshole. I'm not sure why he's being so obnoxious, and that's the simplest explanation. How do you know him? Have you met him in person or is he just a FB friend?

She responded:

FB friend only. Chaya once said that we might hit it off and that he is nice but obnoxious. What's his tone on the wall??? What did he mean by that stmnt when I run into u w/my chabad truck and by the time I'm done with u???

I wrote:

Just obnoxious. I think he was teasing -- trying to establish control/dominance. He didn't really mean to sound like a rapist.

Zoya was confused.

And why would a guy I never met would try to establish control/dominance?

Ah, to be that innocent....

Because that's what guys do. They piss on things to mark their territory.

And people wonder why I'm still single... I also had a little IM with Rochel, the dating coach.

Ayelet: so there's a guy I was set up with, and he's called twice, and I don't talk more than 10 minutes, and he still hasn't asked me out

The rule is, talk for 10 minutes and then say goodbye, because you're a busy and happy person.

Rochel: then he was not really interested, some guys are BORED qand looking for a pen pal or a girl to talk to

Ayelet: u think so? I think he just talks too much and doesn't get to the point

Rochel: I do ! I know so -- bored and lonely he would have asked you out! that is more proof I am right

Ayelet: ok, it just seems weird since we were set up thru a shadchan, but I trust ur judgment; also, he talks and talks and talks and it's kind of boring

Rochel: something is off about this, he would have kept you on the entire night!

Ayelet: well, his social skills aren't the best; and yes, he probably would have kept me on the phone all night, that's why I ended it after 10 min.

Rochel: he either wants a date or not!

Ayelet: if he wants a date, he'll ask me for one, and if he just wants to talk, I don't have time for him

Rochel: good you did! even more so for the ones you really like

Ayelet: I will definitely work on keeping that in mind

Rochel: my point exactly! this is true even in nonsexual relationships -- it is selfish just to have a phone relationship, who has the time? adults socialize in person... more so with a date, he was way out of line!

Ayelet: got it

I'll see if he calls again. If he doesn't, I guess it's no great loss.
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  1. I don't know if I agree with Rochel. Why can't you see whether you 'hit it off' on the phone first, before closing the deal?

    Granted, a guy who talks and talks without offering much in the way of engaging conversation is probably not a super-exciting date, but now you know that without having to bother seeing him.

    I don't think there should be a hard-and-fast rule, is all. Just my opinion.