Sunday, January 25, 2009

My life could suck worse

One of my Facebook friends posted this status update:

Jane Doe is thinking another good reason that I received my "get" before my ex passed away... would have had to marry his horrible brother!!!

A friend of hers whom I don't know commented:

You watched the made for tv movie?

That would be "Loving Leah." Jane responded:

watching it now... why not. taking my mind off this week's MRI/MRA

Ouch. That's never good. Okay -- so I've never been married, I live in a studio apartment, and I don't have nearly as much sex as I'd like to. But I've also never been divorced, and I'm not dreading an impending MRI/MRA. Which sounds like she might have... some kind of cancer? Brain? Breast? Not good. So I wrote:

I don't know what to say beyond, I hope nothing unusual shows up on the MRI/MRA.

She answered:

that's what we are hoping as well. It's for my daughter, a possible AVM... not really sure where they are thinking....but somewhere on the lower part of the head upper neck. We shall see. Optimistic. thanks for the words of encouragement.

Oy. Not her, but her daughter. What's an AVM? I'm even afraid to Google it. She must be out of her mind with worry. I can't do anything to make her feel better.

Or can I?

my sister is a pediatric radiologist, in case u want a second opinion. brachas for you both
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