Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Eh

The best thing about Sam's party wasn't the other guests (too old, except for the host, who was too indifferent), the food (decent but not spectacular), the ball drop at midnight (no kiss for me this year), or even what I wore -- although everyone said I looked gorgeous, with my sleek straight hair (did a 5-hour Brazilian keratin treatment earlier in the day), slinky scarlet dress, lovely pearl necklace and bracelet I bought myself for Chanuka, glittery stockings, pearl-and-gold anklet, and sexy Mary Jane stilettos.

When I bought the necklace and bracelet, I was given a free pair of pearl stud earrings. I already have two pairs of pearl stud earrings, one the exact size of the new ones. What do do with the new ones? Malka doesn't want to get her ears pierced, and Shira's too young. Alona and Shuli already have pearls.

So I gave them to my good friend Aviva, of course. Her birthday is December 31, and we keep saying we're going to work on building up her jewelry wardrobe. A few years ago I gave her a pair of beautiful blue topaz earrings that she adores. So I was able to enjoy the selfish joy of giving and start 2009 with an act of kindness. She loved them.

Today I should be revising my journal article, but I'm going to watch ET and some of his friends jump into the ocean instead.
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  1. Sounds like you looked smashing!
    Can't wait to see your hair.
    We stayed home and watched 1/2 the Sex and the City movie. Bleh. You didn't miss anything there. Got up this morning at 5:45. Woohoo!!
    Happy New Year to you.

  2. I checked out the pics - you look stunning *and* the hair is lustrous and gorgeous. And that's coming from someone who always liked it - even pre-straightening. Wear it in good health!