Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not sure what to think

So a widower with one child (WWC) has been looking at my profile a few times a day since I posted the New Year's Eve pics of me in the red dress. He wasn't a paying member, so he couldn't email or IM him, or read emails from me. I could have IMed him, but I'm playing by The Rules these days. I finally sent him an email to get him to become a full member and contact me:

Subject: take a picture...
Message: it will last longer ;) how are you?

Today his curiosity got the better of him. He read the message and contacted me via IM:

WWC: so i finally got the courage to im you
Ayelet: bravo ;) am I that intimidating?
WWC: no just been through alot of sh...

A little crude, but not too bad. Right?

Ayelet: haven't we all ;)
WWC: are you sfardi, and what do you do

Kind of abrupt, but I can roll with it.

Ayelet: no, Polish/German
I see you haven't read my profile, or you'd know what I do ;)
I'm a clinical social worker
WWC: give me a sec i will go back and read it again . i dont want you to think i was only looking at your ......

I hope he means my picture. I'll assume he means my picture.

Ayelet: it's a pretty good picture, u don't have to apologize ;)
I just look sephardia, r u sephardi?
WWC:the top half, just kidding


Ayelet: the half that enables you to eat rice on Pesach? ;)
WWC: no
Ayelet: what a shame
my mom was born in Tashkent, but her parents were from Poland
WWC: what the h... is tashkent

Not the most refined way to ask.

Ayelet: it's a city in Uzbekistan
WWC: wait i know i ate it for lunch, it was sweet

That's... not funny. That's just stupid.

Ayelet: I guess u don't travel much ;)
WWC: i do not want to go to disney mom i want to go to Uzbekistan

Okay – is that ignorant and obnoxious, or am I being “picky”?

Ayelet: I'd actually love to go there to see where my mother spent her first few years
WWC: did you ever think i would say that to my folks

Well, you said it to me.

Ayelet: where is ur mom from?
WWC: well just because i havent a clue where Tashkent is does not mean i do not travel, my mom is from galaruah, did you ever hear of that
Ayelet: no
WWC: you must not travel, it in Swaziland

That’s more obnoxious.

Ayelet: I didn't ask you what the h-- is galaruah
Swaziland South Africa? how interesting!
WWC: wow i was just kidding

And that’s just juvenile. What a stupid "joke"

WWC: do you have curly hair or

Or what? It's blown out straight in the picture.

Ayelet: hair is naturally wavy/frizzy, so I try to straighten it as best I can
WWC: is it like an afro


Ayelet: no, just frizzy. What do u look like?

He doesn't have a picture posted. Describes himself as 5'11" and athletic build.

WWC: 5'11, full head of hair, not gray but all black
i try to run 3-5 miles a day but im not in great shape i weigh 225-235
im prob in better shape now then when i was 16, i am proportional
Ayelet: ok
WWC: although im told somtimes i have a big head
Ayelet: as long as ur ego isn't oversized ;)
WWC: so are you psychoanalyzing me
Ayelet: no, I'm a behaviorist ;)
WWC: please explain
Ayelet: I'm not a psychoanalyst, I'm a cognitive-behavioral therapist
WWC: so what the he.. does that mean

Crude and ignorant. This guy is allegedly a medical doctor. Didn’t he do a psych rotation? Does he know nothing about psychiatry? I sent him wikipedia links about both.

Ayelet: what kind of doctor are you?
WWC: all this reading wow i actualy get an education
Ayelet: you asked ;)
WWC: give me a sec i want to read
Ayelet: ok
WWC: you type fast i had to look for the "o" and the "k"
Ayelet: yes, I think typing was the most valuable class I took in high school
WWC: i need to answer a phone call can i get back to you i want to print this out and read it is that ok
Ayelet: sure, we'll talk later

Not sure how interested I am in him. But it’s a first contact, and he is trying. I guess I should give him the benefit of the doubt.
Copyright (c) "Ayelet Survivor"


  1. my instinct is: don't waste your time on this guy. He seems rude and boorish.

  2. You certainly gave him more time than I would have...

  3. I don't mean to be too up front, but I liked your remarks in between your conversation so much more than what he wrote...
    I's go with what Riva's instinct said!

  4. Thanks, Kathrin. And Jenn. And Riva. He hasn't contacted me again -- if he doesn't, I certainly won't get in touch. And if he does, I'll certainly expect a higher degree of gentility. If I don't get it... NEXT!!!