Sunday, January 18, 2009

Playing by The Rules

Another Facebook Guy (AFG) wrote to me last night. I held out until 4:28 p.m. today to respond:

Shavua tov. The melava malka was lovely, would have been nice to see you there too. We went to the Piamenta concert later -- for an old guy, he sure rocks out! ;)

AFG wrote back at 5:25, while I was chatting with Gloria Chang and watching a screwball comedy from the 1930s on youtube.

Where was the melave malka? I don't think I had heard about it.

I read it at about 5:26. But I don't want to seem to eager. I want him to pursue me. So I waited until 5:41 to respond.

A guy named Yossie Wohlender, one of my Facebook friends, publicized it on on here -- I assumed *everyone* heard about it ;)

It was held at MJE. They had a good band. Pizza, soda, Twizzlers, pretzels. It was fun.

How are you?

I think that sounds about right. Three minutes later, he sent:

Wow. Sounds pretty cool. I am doing basically ok. I am going through some stuff at work, which is pretty stressful, but otherwise doing well. I saw Slumdog Millionaire on Saturday night - it was pretty intense. Have you seen it?

Okay, good, we're getting a conversation going. I watched the movie for a while longer, then sent this at 5:56:

Haven't seen it -- I like watching movies for distraction and escape, so I tend to go for comedies, fantasy/sci-fi, and period dramas. Life is stressful enough ;) I'm looking forward to "The Watchmen."

Sorry about the work stress. I hope it works itself out soon.

I'll keep you all posted...

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  1. Dude! I'm looking forward to Watchmen, too. Intense book!