Monday, January 19, 2009

Screw The Rules

I'm too impatient. I saw AFG was online after sending him my last email, so I took a chance and IMed him. After exchanging greetings, he wrote:

AFG: i have a crazy theory


Ayelet: about?

AFG: sweat


AFG: I just got home from bikram

Ayelet: is that hot yoga?

AFG: yes -- I think that if you sweat enough the sweat becomes so clean that you are actually clean. does that sound nuts?


Ayelet: I'm not sure if that's nuts
I think if you start out fairly clean and you sweat a lot, it's a clean sweat

AFG: i take my shower at home instead of at the place, but I haven't gone in yet and I actually feel perfectly clean.

Ayelet: from here you smell fine ;)

AFG: lol, you are just being overpowered by all the pheremones released when I sweated a few gallons

Ayelet: yes, even during ur dvar Torah I was almost overcome, couldn't you tell when I came up to talk to you about what you said? ;)

AFG: lol

Okay. So we know he exercises. This is good. I used to exercise...

Ayelet: ever done kundalini yoga?

AFG: no, is that the one where they use a lot of props?

Ayelet: no; the last yoga class I took was kundalini, it's very intense; I could barely walk the next day

Last yoga class I took was years ago, but whatever.

AFG: what is it like? ashtanga?

Ayelet: harder

AFG: hmmm, i need to try it sometime

Ayelet: took it at Practice Yoga on 83rd, ever been there?

AFG: I think I was there once, I used to go to Equinox tons

Ayelet: not my scene

AFG: but I moved to Bermuda for two years

Ayelet: so I heard

AFG: now that i'm back I joined again, why isn't equinox your scene?

Ayelet: I'm a social worker, it's too expensive ;) I can pay my rent, or I can join the upscale gym
so ur definitely back from Bermuda?

AFG: thats what it looks like

Ayelet: one of my social work profs went there to develop their poverty level

AFG: interesting... that is my transitional issue :)

Ayelet: yeah, he's an interesting guy

AFG: what were his conclusions about poverty level?

Ayelet: it's relative -- different in Bermuda than in the U.S. because prices are so different and wage levels are too

AFG: many people are "working poor" there, but not much abject poverty, too many jobs and immigration is so strict on non-bermudians

Ayelet: unlike here
so y did u leave a place with plenty of jobs to come back to the US? ;)

AFG: I am unfortunately not leaving of my own volition -- I am in the midst of a very intense war at work

Nice way to put your foot in it, Ayelet.

Ayelet: sorry to hear that, can't be fun

AFG: thanks, I think I will end up ok, but it isn't fun

Ayelet: b'ezrat Hashem, I'm sure it isn't; work stress is very bad for the back, among other things

AFG: especially considering I was employee #1 and built the whole thing, and now I am kinda gonna get screwed
hopefully I will walk away with a decent package -- that's what I am working on now, and then on to the next challenge

Ayelet: :( guess nice guys finish last sometimes

AFG: thanks :) that was sweet of you.

Ayelet: and sometimes the changes we don't want lead us to things we never thought we'd want but do; I've been fired from a few jobs, and it always led me somewhere better

AFG: Amen. Thanks for your support. Hopefully that will be the case.
Have a great night -- talk to you again soon. :)

I guess that's it. For now at least. I'm definitely not making the next move.
Copyright (c) "Ayelet Survivor"

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  1. Ayelet, don't forget that you are not corresponding with AFG on a dating website - you are corresponding on FB...So it's not like he contacted you specifically to date...he did message you soon after Shabbat which is nice, but it's too early, in my opinion, to assume that he is interested in dating. Let him contact you next, have some conversations, see where that goes. But don't be too dissapointed if he doesn't ask you's not a given yet.