Thursday, January 15, 2009


When I get 5 or fewer hours of sleep per night, almost every night, I get kind of snappish. It's been noticed, and not favorably, by my boss and a few other people at work. I'm terrified of losing this job, so I'm desperately seeking help. Even from Dr. Wanker, whom I really did not like.

Dear Dr. Wanker,

Last spring you gave a lecture to my evidence-based practice class on depression treatments. I graduated in May and am now working. One of my clients is a high-functioning woman with bipolar disorder that has a very seasonal component. She has been using a light box but is complaining of terminal insomnia and overactivation almost to the point of hypomania.

She and I went through the online questionnaire you told us about, and apparently she is supposed to use it when she is using it, in the morning, but she doesn’t know how long to use it, how many days per week, etc. I was wondering if you knew of anyone she could consult for help with this. Her current psychiatrist has been maintaining her medications but does not have any experience with light boxes.

I emailed him yesterday evening. No answer so far. I wonder if he remembers who I am, and if that would deter him from helping me. Doctors aren't supposed to judge or bear grudges, but they're only human, and psychiatrists are even more human than other doctors.
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  1. I'd be willing to bet money that he doesn't remember you and/or your comments. The encounter probably looms larger to you than to him, and did you ever even give him your name?

    One day is not that long. Hopefully he will respond over the weekend. If not, could any of your other contacts, listserves etc. recommend someone?

    Sorry you are feeling so crummy. This weather has me feeling out of sorts too. Hang in there! Can you go for a massage, or acupuncture in the meantime?