Thursday, January 08, 2009

THEY think (former) mental patients deserve to get married

Some psychologist posted a question to the ABCT listserv:

I would like to get some of your advice on treating pregnancy phobia. Both women have other anxieties that they have worked through with exposure training, relaxation, cognitive re-structuring. Their specific thoughts about a potential pregnancy involve "loss of control" and "not being able to escape". I've tried re-framing with the idea that their own pregnancy is actually the ultimate in control as they are able to provide optimal nutitional and gestational conditions. Until they both get pregnant, exposure is tough and they are both avoiding pregnancy but want to have children. Any advice or literature would be appreciated.

Another psychologist responded:

I think this is a situation for "just do it" (pun intended).

But some work with mindfulness might be helpful....i.e., the anxious thoughts are there; they are getting in the way; be aware of them — but don't react to them. It's the reactivity that's the problem. In other words, we can get us overly focused on removing the anxiety. From how you describe this, it seems as that these women need to acknowledge the anxiety, have it be there, and then get on with it.

Almost restores my confidence in psychologists (and for a pun, that wasn't bad). Instead of telling the clients not to reproduce, they're seeking ways to facilitate the pregnancies. Reminds me that during the psychopharmacology session at the Nefesh conference, many of the clinicians asked about medications that were safe to use during pregnancy, a fairly common state among their clientele. I guess they disagree with The Rov.
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