Monday, February 16, 2009

Don't go there, Ayelet

Jockitch and I have been chatting. No good can come of this. While he's too tall to precisely fit my toxic type, he's too recently divorced to want the same things I do -- marriage and children. He already has four children, and he's five years younger than I am. He's not going to want or need any more kids anytime soon.

Although, to his credit, he's been to more Broadway shows in the past 5 years than I have, and he allegedly enjoys museums almost as much as rock climbing. And he's promised to take me skydiving, which I've always wanted to try. Which Narcissus, the first toxic divorced guy, promised to do and didn't.

After a long conversation last night -- which I tried to end twice and he kept pulling me back into -- jockitch said, "Am I too old for that West Side party life?"

He's not, but I am. RD-SOB redux. I have to be careful and not let my feelings go past friendship.
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