Sunday, February 22, 2009

A fun day for a single girl

I started my day with Claudia, who's got a job interview coming up and wanted some acupuncture to calm her down. The visit began inauspiciously when I used her toilet and flooded the bathroom, but she calmly tossed down a few towels. I picked my way out, washed my feet in the kitchen sink, and threw away my knee-highs. Needled her, gave her some sleep tea, and went to pick up my checked mezuzah on my way to meet Ruth for coffee and shopping.

(The mezuzah is fine, by the way. Apparently I need another explanation for being hit by a car and the mice that invaded my apartment. But now I have mezuzahs both on my outer door and my kitchen entryway. It's a studio apartment, so I thought I could get away with just one mezuzah. Maybe that's the reason I'm still here after all these years....)

Ruth and I sat and chatted in Starbucks. We both love our jobs, but not all of our coworkers. We're both considering private practice after we obtain our LCSW -- we might even share office space. Ruth also talked about what a big adjustment marriage is, and I agreed. In fact, while walking from Claudia's to Starbucks, I felt like I really appreciated my life as it is. I didn't have to worry about entertaining kids or taking care of a husband's needs or wants. I could do whatever I wanted to do.

We went to Loehmann's, and for a while it was really fun. I enjoyed helping Ruth find a modest one-piece so she could take a swimming class at her gym -- no easy feat -- and chose a few items to try on.

In the communal dressing room.

Lined with mirrors.

Ugh. The cool bronze patterned satin skirt, size 12, was much too tight -- I couldn't even zip it up all the way. The cute empire-waist brown patterned dress hung loosely and utterly unflatteringly from my ribcage. The adorable purple dress with princess seaming was made for a woman with a longer torso and much longer legs.

This is why I prefer online shopping. If it doesn't fit, send it back. But you don't have to try it on and be confronted with all your bulges in mirrored 3-D.

Ruth went off to meet her husband, and I went for a bra fitting. Actually, two of them. After Shabbos lunch a few weeks ago, I was hanging out with a group of girls and somehow the conversation wound around to bra size. (I have no idea how. Usually my life doesn't follow a porn script.) I stated that I was a 34C to cries of disbelief all round. I have gained a lot of weight, and I've never been remeasured. Maybe it was time.

So first I went to Victoria's Secret, where I was diagnosed as a 38 B. I didn't think that could be right, so I went to Towne Shop and was hit with a more reasonable 34D. Bought a fantastic new bra that really showcases the girls. I'm wearing it to a party tonight.

Well, I have to go wash my hair, roll it up in curlers, and put on the hair dryer bonnet attachment I got on the way home from the bra fitting. Hopefully I'll end up with some nice waves.
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