Thursday, February 26, 2009

How awesome are Dov & Tovah?

When you have the name of the kever we should go to, drop me an email and we will go. (Do we both need to go?)

If it is far, I might ask you to wait until Pesach vacation. If you feel it is urget and can not wait that long, I will take off a day and go as soon as I can.

Otherwise things are OK. Where are you for Purim and Seder?

I really am blessed in my friends. Dov contacted me as soon as I posted that the life coach thinks a friend should make a trip on my behalf to a certain kever. I wrote back:

I love it when my friends read my blog and know immediately who I mean! It can wait until Pesach. The kever is Rabbi Zvil in the cemetery near the Knesset. I'm waiting for instructions and directions from the life coach's husband. She really nailed a lot of things -- I was very impressed. I didn't blog about everything she said, but I asked her about my sister and the kids and the divorce, and she knew that my little niece has stomach problems. Uncanny.

How are you and the tribe and the new house? For Purim I'll probably go to OZ -- haven't thought about sedarim yet, but I'm thinking of going to Miami for chol ha moed and last days of Pesach.
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