Friday, February 20, 2009

How do you date a guy who reads your blog?

Jockitch and I went out to dinner last night. At first I was apprehensive. Although we'd been speaking on the phone, a lot, we'd never met in person. I wasn't sure if I'd find him attractive and vice versa, or if we'd have as easy a time talking in a restaurant as we did on the phone.

"You look prettier than your photo," he said as I got in the car. Nice. Jockitch is hard to read, not very expressive either verbally or facially. He is very straightforward and honest, though, and if something's on his mind, he just says it. At least that's how it seems so far.

One thing I'd never have to worry about, if this relationship works out, is how to have "the conversation" about my illness with jockitch. He already knows and doesn't think any less of me. That's a big point in his favor.

Less in his favor is that he's not 100% shomer shabbat and kashrut right now. Although he was raised modern orthodox, he's slipped a bit off the derech. That would need to be dealt with at some point.

"Do we have to go to a kosher restaurant?" he asked as we were making plans.

"Uh, yeah," I said. "Shaigets." He laughed. We went to Le Marais. I still felt a little nervous and uncomfortable, so I thought I should have a glass of wine.

"Want to order a bottle?" he asked.

Hm. Splitting a bottle of wine on my first date with Jeff didn't lead to such great results. On the other hand, jockitch seems a lot less conflicted and complicated than Jeff.

"I might play footsie with you if I have more than one glass of wine," I warned him rogueishly. He summoned the waiter.

"We'll have a bottle of the Carmenère," he said. When it came, he kept filling my glass. I started feeling a lot more comfortable and happy. So what if the guy's only been divorced a year and has 4 kids? He seems to be taking me seriously. He thinks I'm pretty. He's not an "intellectual" but he's smart and interesting. He's good at a lot of things I'm not good at, like fixing things around the house and business. Why not take a chance with somebody different from the type I usually pursue to no avail?

Allegedly we're going out again this Saturday night. I'm thinking we should try the new kosher Dunkin' Donuts on Amsterdam Avenue, because I love donuts and I love DD coffee. We'll see if it actually happens. Stay tuned...
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