Saturday, February 14, 2009

I should feel sorry for her

A recently rediscovered friend from high school IMed me on Facebook:

Joey: your sister is venting to me about her husband's lovers writing her letters, check out her Facebook status

Ayelet: I can't, we're not friends on Facebook... what does it say?

Joey: "Jerusha is wishing her ex's girlfriends would please all stop contacting her. She has figured out that he is a lying cheat, they have nothing new to add."

Ayelet: ouch

Joey: i think she must feel totally humiliated to be writing that on her facebook status

Ayelet: her friends took her out to dinner for her birthday and got her edible underwear... I said, "Well, that's optimistic!"

Joey: is your sister EVER friendly, happy, funny, or fun?

Ayelet: she must be, or she wouldn't have ANY friends

Joey: i actually don't think I ever saw her smile once in all of high school, and she was in like every single one of my classes

I know I should feel sorry for Jerusha. But after the way she's treated me all my life, especially these past few years when she could have helped me and didn't... cry me a river.
Copyright (c) "Ayelet Survivor"


  1. It would actually make sense that your sister has been unhappy all her life- which is why she has always treated you poorly. People who are happy with themselves don't always try and bring others down.

    I've always thought that, while you certainly don't have to allow yourself to be abused by her, you should understand that she's doing it because she's very unhappy.

  2. There's probably some truth to that, NJG. But I've been very unhappy all my life as well, and I've never taken it out on her -- nor has she really taken it out on anyone but me. Still, your point is taken.