Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's a small, SMALL world

As Nice Jewish Guy noted in a comment on the previous post, Frumster's having a "send free email" special for non-paying members. Also, Jockitch is pretty smart. When I asked how he knew my Frumster persona was Ayelet, he wrote:

You mention that you use frumster forum so I found you, I hope your not mad

Okay, that's a little unsettling. Let's see if I can unsettle him back:

It's a little stalkerish, but whatever. BTW, ur ex-wife says hi. Your divorce is apparently very amicable. I accused you of just being after me because you assume I'm up for NSA sex, and she said you were actually a good guy ;)

This is what she wrote to me:

I'm an avid reader of your blog and I know my ex is too so when I saw tonight's post I knew it was about him (and I promptly called him to confirm). He is a nice guy, he works for his family's extremely lucrative business. He is more than a "sales manager" more like a VP. FYI -- we have a bunch of kids (4) all of whom are pretty well adjusted. He is an attentive father and we have a very amicable relationship. Oh -- and you're friends with him on Facebook.

Okay -- so jockitch is no dummy and he has a responsible (and lucractive) job. Four kids -- that could explain why he's looking for a relationship and not a wife.

After jockitch initially wrote me on Frumster, I went to my gmail to write him and found an email thread from a conversation he and I had last week, after I posted about my sexual frustration:

I have followed your facebook & blog for a long time. Im wondering why there is no pic of you .

Sometimes I'm slow on the uptake -- I didn't realize this was a fishing expedition.

Because I'm anonymous. Ayelet is my secret identity. I'm not open about having a mental illness with most of the people I know.

Jockitch tried to butter me up:

i think you have a great blog

I'm still not giving him a picture. But I'll chat.

Thanks. How did you find it?

He answered,

we were facebook friends for a long time

I've tried to give "Ayelet" the blog author a separate identity from Ayelet the real person, and also expand my readership. So I've friended a bunch of people I really didn't know. Apparently it's working. But I didn't know which of my FB friends jockitch was. When I asked for his real name, he gave it to me. I said:

Thanks for introducing yourself, and for reading ;)

Jockitch responded:

can you send me a pic

I asked why. You'd think I would have figured it out by then, but I still hadn't caught on to his ulterior motive.

I don't know just curious that's all

he replied. I wasn't inclined to satisfy his curiosity:

well, I kind of look like Frida Kahlo's pic on my profile, and apparently you look like a Golden Retriever ;)

(Jockitch's Facebook profile pic is a Retriever.)

cute -- goodnight, nice talking to you

he responded.

Well, now we know what we look like (and he ain't bad), and I know Jockitch is a nice, smart guy with a good job. But I still don't think his intentions are "honorable," so I'm just going to keep him as a Facebook friend and blog reader.
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  1. jock itch's ex2/12/2009 8:48 AM

    I have not been able to stop laughing since I read that you renamed my ex Jock Itch!!! That is too funny!

  2. Glad you appreciate ;) I thought it was pretty apt. Originally I posted his Frumster screenname and he asked me to change it, so...

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