Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Must my co-host invite EVERY guy I went out with and cannot abide?

I'm having a little acupuncture party at a friend's apartment. Ozer will supply the space and refreshments; I'm providing needles and skill. I set up an event on Facebook, and Ozer asked to be made an admin, so he could invite people too.

"Sure," I said, and set him up. Next thing I knew, he'd invited the Impolite Fatty (IF). IF and I went out a few years ago. His Frumster profile is a headshot. When I first laid eyes on him, I could feel my pupils dilate in surprise; his head was about 1/50th the size of his body. But whatever, I rallied and we went out to dinner. Ironically, I'd suggested a buffet. He took me home and I never heard from him.

I don't know why that bothers me. I didn't want to go out with IF again; I wasn't remotely attracted to him. But he was rude. Just like LL and a whole bunch of other guys. I know that if you go out with a man and he doesn't call, he's sending as clear a message as if he does. It just makes me feel like a piece of used toilet paper.

What did IF post on the wall for the event?

I have had accupuncture [sic.] in the past and am a firm believer. Add an incredible host and its [sic.] a winning combination. If I am in town I will be there.

Why am I annoyed?

1. No mention of the actual acupuncturist.
2. "If I am in town"? Fish or cut bait, IF.

I thought about posting something snotty like, "I don't think I have big enough needles" but held back.

When I looked at the list of people who declined (instead of saying, "If you're lucky, I might just make it there"), included was Captain TMI. Which reminds me that I never blogged about our final encounter and why I really dislike him now.

Captain TMI and I were Facebook friends after our one and only date. No chemistry, but no hard feelings. Until he posted a status update that ran something like:

Captain TMI had a busy day... errands, dry cleaning, grocery shopping... I need a wife!

So I commented on it:

You Sephardic men really do think your wives are supposed to be your servants

I should have included a " ;) " emoticon to soften it. But he ripped right into me. I can't remember exactly what he said, but he took me to task for being a prejudiced Ashkenaz and a "bitter old maid in her late 30s." It was quite nasty. He also threatened to write this about me, using my first and last names, on his self-promoting, bloviating website.

I responded,

Oh no -- you're going to say nasty things about me on a website NOBODY EVER READS. I think I'll survive.

Then he blocked me, which was just fine. But my opinion of him, not high to begin with, really plummeted. After I started a kind of "date my friends" Facebook group (which never went anywhere), he tried to join. I told him that he wasn't allowed to join if he was blocking other members, since the blocked members couldn't mine his friends list for potential dates. Now we're not blocked, but we're not friends.

I guess he doesn't trust me to stick needles in him with skill, not malice. Not a problem. Not a loss. At all.
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