Sunday, February 08, 2009

Watch out for WhateverHappens

The real name of yet another Frumster booty-caller.

WhateverHappens: hey beautiful

Ayelet: good morning

WhateverHappens: have yur coffee n cigarette yet?

Ayelet: I don't smoke

WhateverHappens: never?

Ayelet: nope... I guess u do

WhateverHappens: yes

Ayelet: doesn't say that on ur profile

WhateverHappens: i know

Ayelet: so r u also 5'4" and working in a McDonald's? ;)

WhateverHappens: no

Ayelet: ok

WhateverHappens: love the red dress on u, very hot

Ayelet: thanks

WhateverHappens: i see yur modern

Ayelet: yes

WhateverHappens: wear short skirts?

Ayelet: what r u after?

WhateverHappens: huh?

Ayelet: that's kind of an inappropriate question

WhateverHappens: im seeking someone very liberal

Ayelet: for?

WhateverHappens: dating

Ayelet: I'm not looking to date -- I'm looking to get married ;)

WhateverHappens: u need to date first

Ayelet: yes, but it's just a means to an end, and usually people who are interested in tachlis don't ask how long my skirts are

That's when he closed the IM window -- and I gave the convo to Frumster. I suppose it's no great loss -- if he lies about smoking, who knows what else he lies about?
Copyright (c) "Ayelet Survivor"

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