Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What's he getting at?

During one of my Brooklyn Shabbat visits, I met a nice guy, Shmuel, who showed a teeny bit of interest. We became Facebook friends, but I haven't heard a peep out of him in weeks.

This morning I woke up (too early, as usual) with killer neck and back pain (I could kill that qigong massage therapist -- never going back there). Since I couldn't sleep, I went on Facebook and posted a status update:

Ayelet needs a good chiropractor who takes my insurance. Ow.

Within a few minutes an IM window popped up:

Shmuel: Try acupuncture?

Ayelet: sometimes acupuncture is the key, but right now I really feel misaligned; used to go to a great chiropractor but I can't find his contact info

Shmuel: Sorry I can't help

He's an attorney. Actually a personal injury attorney, I believe, so you'd think he'd know a few chiropractors. Oh well.

Ayelet: thanks :) how r u

Shmuel: tired but fine, thank you. and you?

Ayelet: well, aside from the neck and back pain, b"H I'm very well

Shmuel: glad to hear

Ayelet: happy Adar, btw ;)

Shmuel: u2 -- but it's not Adar yet, tomorrow


Ayelet: I guess I just can't wait! ;)

Shmuel: when there is a two day Rosh Chodesh, the first day is the last of the old month, and the second day is the first of the new month. so today is Lamed (thirtieth) day of Shivat

I can teach you so much

Wow. That's suggestive!

Ayelet: I'm sure you could! are you offering? ;)

I can flirt, too. But will that scare him off?

Shmuel: are you willing to learn

Ayelet: always; when u stop learning, u stop growing; when u stop growing, u die

Shmuel: you probably could teach me a thing or two as well

Wow! He is flirting!

Ayelet: I probably could

And... silence. I guess he had to go work or something. Wonder if I'll hear from him again...
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