Wednesday, March 04, 2009

AFG resurfaces

Jockitch, you might want to skip this post.

So I finally heard from Another Facebook Guy. I knew he was planning to attend tonight's acupuncture party, and today he sent me an email:

Subject: Poking Party ;)

Hi Ayelet, (Letty?)

I am looking forward to tonight. I told two people about it and they were going to rsvp on Facebook, but I don't see them listed so just in case they haven't told you they are: Eric Steinberg (my MJE chavruta) and Alyssa Moscowitz (lives in the Paris). See you later :) AFG

The Paris is Ozer's building, where the acupuncture party is being hosted -- I don't have the room (or the room is too cluttered) to entertain. I knew AFG was planning to attend -- he was one of the first to RSVP to the Facebook invite, and one of the first to post on the Event Wall:

This sound fascinating. Is there forced poking going on or is it all consensual?

That sounds flirtatious! I responded:

No one undergoes acupuncture against their will. You can come and just observe. There will be food and cool people as well as needling.

Playing it cool. He wrote:

Sounds good. What does it feel like? Are you the acupuncturist?

Very sensual. I explained:

I am the acupuncturist. It feels like a pinch or a sting when the point is inserted, but then you shouldn't feel anything but relaxed.

This is all good. Very good. And then he sends me a nice little email to boot. I wrote back:

Hi AFG (It's Ayelet),

Glad you're looking forward and you invited some friends! I look forward to meeting and needling them.

For the record, Amnon also wrote on the wall:

thanks for invite, would love to join, but can't wednesday ... next time :)

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