Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The blonde thing. Again.

Tonight I needled about 20 people, including Zoya and AFG (who shrieked like a little girl with the first stick). Then Zoya drove me home -- and told me that AFG's been chasing her these past few weeks. I saw that they became Facebook friends and wondered if she was interested. Apparently she isn't, and he is.

This would explain why he's been relatively hands-off with me. It made me feel like warmed-over crap. I'm so sick of men knocking me over to talk to a bleached blonde.
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  1. Umm, why not focus on the 20 people you needled! That's a hugely successful party, by my estimation, innit?

  2. One has nothing to do with the other. I'm happy people liked the acupuncture, but I'm sad that guys are still knocking me down to get to my friends.

  3. What makes AFG such a catch anyway? From everything you've written he sounds like a jerk. Certainly seems like Zoya thinks so. So no loss, I say. Glad your party went well.