Monday, March 09, 2009

Crazy idea

Maybe I should go to Israel for Pesach.

Not the Sedarim -- I have to work erev Pesach, so I'd never get there in time. I'll barely make it to Sedarim in NYC on time. But I have the whole next week off. I could fly to Israel on Sunday and fly back the next Sunday. I'd have a week there. It would get me out of myself. And it would get me away from jockitch, for whom I am developing too strong an affection.

I was planning to go to Miami for chol hamoed and last days, but that was before Chaya 1) flaked and said she might be going to Israel, after inviting me to Miami and inducing me to take all that time off, and 2) we got into our stupid fight.

Something to consider. It wouldn't be cheap, but I've got enough in savings to cover airfare, and I'd stay with friends.
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  1. I'm going to post my first though here: Do it! We only have this life and if you can afford it and don't have anything else to do...
    It's Eretz Yisroel, after all! :-)

  2. Pessach is the nicest time of year to visit Israel! The weather is beautiful and the whole country is in the holiday spirit. We will be there too--although we will be staying at a hotel, not my parents.
    But I don't understand, are you going with Chaya despite your fight?

  3. I wouldn't be going with Chaya -- more like not going to Miami because of the fight. But I don't know if I'm in the right state of mind to try to find plane tickets right now.