Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm too sexy for my skirt, too sexy for my skirt...

One of my anger management group participants asked if he could talk to me after group tonight. It had been a rather raucous discussion, so I was wondering if he felt I was having trouble controlling the fellas. We went into my office and sat down.

"Miss Ayelet," he said, "you know I like your group, and I respect you as a counselor. You have a great personality, and you're just a wonderful woman."

Please don't ask me out, I thought.

"Some of the other guys were talking about you after group last week in a way I didn't like," he continued, "and I wanted to let you know. You sometimes wear your skirts a little short, and sometimes, when you don't sit with your knees together... well, the guys say they can see up your skirt."


I mean, it's better than him asking me out, but how embarrassing is that? My clients are looking up my skirt? I thought wearing a short skirt would be harmless secondary gain, but not if it makes the clients lose respect for me.

It's funny -- I don't really see my clients as men. Most of them are male, but I don't view them as sexual objects. Clearly the feeling's not mutual. I forget that they see me as a woman -- and I need to wear longer skirts to anger management.

I thanked the client for letting me know, and he promptly asked if he could take me out to dinner after he was done with group. I let him down easy, walked him to the reception area, and saw Clarice. Something in my expression must have told her I needed to talk. We went into her office, and after about 5 minutes, she stopped laughing and asked if I was okay.

I think I am. As Clarice helpfully pointed out, a bunch of other clients have seen my thong. I should start a reality show called "The Naked Therapist."
Copyright (c) "Ayelet Survivor"


  1. I love who you have the ability to laugh at yourself. It's a hard thing to learn how to do and it's extremely admirable.

    I hope you felt flattered by all the male attention!

    love, mes

  2. Interesting....reminds me when I was a young boy in high school, we had a fairly mature librarian late 40's I guess who always wore short skirts and heels and had legs to die for! We used to refer to her as spanner legs. When asked why, the answer was that whenever she walked by we could feel our nuts tighten up!!!LOL