Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not anxious, not depressed, not really happy either

It was hard getting up and going this morning, but I'm not feeling as anxious or depressed as I have been this past 2 weeks. I did call my insurance company and learned there are no out-of-network benefits, whether psychiatric or any other specialty. Still not sure what I'm going to do about that.

One of my Facebook friends (male) sent me this after reading about TD:

that guy is def a jerk for making such comments!

animals r naturally scared off by humans. Imagine how much we would suffer if dangerous animals were ATTRACTED to us. don't feel bad when u chased someone away even if its a single member of the opposite gender. You are prob. better off without that person in ur life if that's what happened. U want mr right and not mr wrong. so if for whatever reason someone leaves ur inner circle it is a sign that he didn't belong there.

If u think he was cute, take his pic and hang it up on ur wall. if he was nice than he must have been sent to make life easier while waiting for mr right to come along. Waiting rooms always have some sort of entertainment to keep ppl occupied.

Another Facebook friend tried to help me learn from the experience.

Ayelet: I can't believe how rude that guy was
FF: Yes, but... That does not put you 100% in the clear on this one. The last girl I dated was manipulative and selfish, but that does not mean my actions were always appropriate either.

Ayelet: what did I do wrong?
FF: You need to learn fromyour mistakes, not just ignore them because the guy's an ass..

Ayelet: that's what I'm trying to do
FF: So he's just looks based, now you know... lots of people are, and if you can't accept someone like that, then don't... But it is not just him, or even just men...

Ayelet: He already knew me and knew what I looked like. He was just messing with my mind.
FF: If you did not work out in the past, you should have waited for more than some note on Frumster to get back into it. No, he asked for new pictures, which is shallow, but predictable..

Ayelet: you're right, but what he said was still really nasty -- and wrong, I hope
FF: Relationships seldom go backwards... It was, but had you done things right, you'd never have gotten that far. If you give them enough rope, most people are assholes and will hang themselves.

Ayelet: that's harsh, I don't think most ppl are assholes
FF: especially if you are looking for them to

Ayelet: don't even think most men are. I wasn't looking for him to.
FF: part of you seems to have been

Ayelet: I was looking for him to step up, and I shouldn't have expected him to.

I don't know what made me think he'd be interested after he dumped me by email -- after I'd poured out my heart to him, and he appeared to pour out his to me. I guess the long and short of it is that I overreacted and he's a jerk.
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