Friday, March 06, 2009

Not impressed with Amnon

Amnon, aka Mr. Frosting, sent me an email at 6:57 p.m. yesterday:

Hey Ayelet, some of us are getting together in (suburb) for Shabbos, if you are interested in joining please give me a call -- 917-xxx-xxxx.

I wasn't impressed. Granted, Amnon invited me to his friend's Oscar party, but he can't just keep inviting me at the last minute to communal events and expect me to join him. If he's interested, he needs to show it by asking me out on a real date.

Sorry, I have plans. Thanks for asking.

I don't, really, but I'm tired and cranky. I don't feel like shlepping out to the middle of nowhere this weekend. I don't know anyone to stay by in his town. And I want Amnon to fish or cut bait.
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