Monday, March 30, 2009

Now he's just messing with me

Why else would TD visit my profile days after his final email, which was so nasty and hostile? He really thinks I'm just a piece of meat.

At least that's how it feels. I'm not having a great morning. I'm supposed to demonstrate acupuncture at a singles event tonight, and I feel enormous. I'm also back to horribly anxious after a weekend stuffing my face with those frosted cookies -- I think it's time to admit I have a problem. I'm seeing Dr. R tomorrow and I don't know what he'll say about my insurance situation.

Also, one of my slippery clients is playing games with his attendance, which I can't stand, and the one who asked me out wore a shirt and tie to see his individual counselor. I assumed he had a job interview and told him, "Lookin' good!" According to his counselor, no job interview -- he's just "changing up his style." Or as his counselor put it, "He's still trying for Ayelet."

Of course, I'm wearing a tight red top with matching red nails and headband. For the singles event! Why can't Jewish guys like me as much as my clients?

I also promised to cover another counselor's group tonight -- thank Gd we have a DVD to watch. I don't know how I'm going to get through this day.
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  1. Don't pay the slightest bit of attention to who visits your profile, Ayelet. To use a bad analogy, you don't need to waste time with the ones who window shop and then walk away. They were never serious to begin with. If they express interest actively, you can respond. Otherwise, their loss.

  2. You know I heard someone somewhere, maybe manis friedman, say that the reason why there is so much intermarriage is that non-jews are always able to see what is desirable in their respective jewish partners.

    i.e. non-jewish men are attracted to the strong passionate personalities jewish women have, whereas jewish men are afraid of said personalities because it means they will have to work on themselves to meet a jewish woman's expectations.

    Just a thought,