Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring fever

That's how I'm trying to reframe the horrible anxiety I've been feeling these past few days. I have no apparent reason to be anxious, and yet I'm a mess. My thoughts jump around in my head like a mountain goat on crack. My heart pounds. I have trouble concentrating and doing routine paperwork.

Fortunately, most of my individual sessions are going smoothly. Since listening is about 95% of what I do anyway, I guess I can fake it. Somehow I'm building rapport with several clients who don't want to be in treatment -- they're all court-mandated. Group was arduous but bearable on Tuesday; hopefully it will go well tomorrow.

I have to thank Dov and Tovah. Not just for davening for me -- but for giving up thousands of frequent flyer miles so I can visit them over Pesach. In Israel. I have other friends who live there, whom I can't wait to see.

I should be more excited. Right now I'm still kind of a mess. I hope I'm in shape to enjoy the trip. I still have to call around and get invitations for the first days.
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  1. Ayelet, enjoy Pessach in Israel with your friends!
    I'm sorry to hear you don't feel too well right now, but maybe getting away from your everyday life will help? :-)