Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weird phone call

Yeshivish Black Hat is really not living up to his name. He called last Monday to say that he wouldn't have time to take me out on a proper date. I work late Tuesday and Thursday, and he was busy Wednesday.

"Don't I get points for being considerate?" he asked.

"Sure," I said.

"Maybe I should come over and just hang out with you right now," he said.


Seriously -- does this guy think he's going to get into my apartment and my pants (if I wore pants, I'd probably have less trouble in anger management group) without even taking me out to dinner?

I can't remember exactly what I said, but apparently I conveyed indignation, so he spent some time backpedaling -- never intended anything improper, had the highest respect for me, only wanted to get to know me as a person, yada yada yada. I should have hung up the phone; I don't know why I didn't.

"Let's change the subject," he said.

"Good idea," I sniffed.

"So... do you have any friends in the food business?" he asked.

Confused, I said, "Uh, no... why do you ask?"

"I'm in a lot of businesses," he said. "This is networking."

I thought it was dating. Another Frumster treasure. I think I'm going to screen his calls.
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