Thursday, March 12, 2009

What a difference a day makes

My period started today, and it's like all the crazy just flowed out of me along with the lining of my barren uterus. I feel happier and calmer, and nothing's essentially different. Jockitch still doesn't want to marry me, and my job is still stressful.

It's funny, too, though, which is why I keep it. In anger management tonight I basically sat back and let the participants debate the merits of telling some guy in the subway to stop telling a nice lady that he's going to slap the shit out of her.

See, the pro side opined that it is wrong for men to threaten ladies (not to mention using that kind of language around them), and a man should let them know that. The con side, however, noted that if you decide to lay the guy out with one good punch to the solar plexus, you might catch the attention of some undercover cop standing there pretending to be listening to his iPod. And then you would get arrested, which would definitely set back your treatment at least a few weeks, and your counselor would probably be annoyed.

Fortunately, the undercover identified himself before my client did any punching, and actually, after my client spoke a few choice words, the bully backed down -- even before the undercover flashed his badge. But it led to a very good discussion about the fine line between assertive and aggressive communication styles.
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  1. So glad you are feeling better! What a difference our hormones make. But what are all these references to ''the crazy" as opposed to the "the craziness"? Is that some sort of slang?

  2. I think I picked it up at work. It might be urban slang, or it might just be the way my co-workers talk.