Thursday, May 14, 2009

How many men have ignored me on Frumster? 203

What the heck is with TD, whose final email to me was so very nasty?

You see your problem in your life is you are very bitter person. I am the opposite of you a very positive person. I will not stoop as low as you did because I am an honest gentleman not like you who is full of drama and a made up imagination Good Luck To You. No wonder you cant find anybody to date. Its because of your attitude. Sorry to say....

Yet every time I change my profile, he's back looking at it. If he thinks so little of me, why can't he stay away?

Then again, Captain Best Effort also revisits my profile periodically. But he's still in love with his ex-fiancée, whom I so resemble. Ick.

I was on Frumster because my friend Mendel recommended I look through all the guys I corresponded with or went out with, to see if any of them might be worth a second shot. You would not believe how many never bothered to respond to my initial contact: 203.

I tried to look at the ones I rejected to see if I could see myself giving them another shot, but I don't think I succeeded. There are 2 out of 520 with whom I exchanged at least one email and I don't remember why it didn't go anywhere. It's probably because they weren't interested, but if I rejoin Frumster I'll email them. There are numerous guys who responded to my initial contact with a polite rejection, but I don't think I should contact them again.
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  1. Um..just my two cents.

    #1 Men are visual creatures and check out women's photos online for all kinds of reasons, interested or not. You would be well advised not to read into that at all.

    #2 TD's response to you was unkind and uncalled for. But you did call him a jerk (in the previous blog) before he wrote anything unkind to you. He might not be sensitive and he might be overly concerned with looks, but he's just a human being. For that he should be labelled a "jerk"?

    I'm not sure about that.

  2. Rabbi Max is right. Checking out your profile does not indicate interest. And not responding to your hail, well, that's kinda obnoxious. No real excuse for that, except to say that it's strangers on the Internet, so take it with a generous helping of salt.

    And you were right to call TD a jerk, in my opinion. To say, "I wanted to see an updated photo and then decide whether I want to see you," is just ridiculous.

  3. Thanks, Carmen. I thought it was obnoxious too.

  4. I sometimes check out women for my friends or students with no intention on my part and I am not registered on Frumster but to see if my friends would want them. Rabbi Pauli