Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Apparently it's not my fault

Erica emailed me:

Hi -- were u meant to come today or do I have the date wrong?

What should I say? "Yes, I was there, and the baby was wet, hungry, and sick. I didn't volunteer to be your babysitter or to come down with bronchitis."

I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt. If she went abroad abruptly, there must have been some kind of family emergency. So I'll just stick to the facts.

I did come today.

She wrote back:

Sorry I just came back and I asked nanny. Thanks for coming.

Okay -- at least nothing's my fault this time. Should I go back? I guess if she asks, I'm going to ask who will be there and how the baby is. I'm not going to risk my health.
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  1. I was thinking about this and took the liberty of asking D. what he thought. Maybe you should tell the mother how awful the nanny was? Your call but it would certainly be in the interest of the (blameless) child.
    And of course I agree you should think twice about volunteering again...