Tuesday, May 26, 2009

At least someone thinks it's not all my fault

My Facebook friend Shlomo IMed me this morning:

Shlomo: your last 2 blogs are interesting
Ayelet: thanks
S: I find it interesting that everyone has dating/Frumster horror stories
A: do u think I'm wallowing in self-pity? ;) u got SO lucky, dude

Shlomo is engaged to a smart and beautiful young woman he met on Frumster.

S: yeah I'm not going to argue that
I went on a rafting thing with upper west side people on Sunday

The Jewish Outdoors Club sponsors many such outings. Between my knees and my back, I'm no longer very outdoorsy.

A: was that fun?
S: it's a very very sad scene, 60 or so single people mostly over 30, all too picky to get anything out of dating and all very lonely people
ok maybe not all very lonely but a lot of them
A: do u think I'm too picky?
S: nah I think it sucks on the girls side
really its the guys at this point in the game that are picky
I'm figuring you're over 25
A: alas yes
S: yeah at that age i blame the guy
because it seems guys get more picky because the odds are in their favor
and they have a wider market -- guys can always date younger girls get stuck
A: yep, and creepy guys in their 50s and 60s think I'd want to date them
S: I was floored that girls on Ssunday were parading around in 2 pieces
A: really?????? that is sad and desperate, and inappropriate
S: given the single guys I thought (very egotistical of me ) I would have had a field day if I moved here single, I mean honestly on the guys side there wasn't much worth impressing
A: sad but true, that's y I'm still single -- I only date men who abandon their brain-damaged wives ;)
S: lets face it Every typical guy wants an adele wife that will pop out 4+kids and stay a size 6 and not complain about raising children and keeping a home but the reality there's not a lot of those and really they have their own issues
A: I'm trying... I just feel like the men I want don't give me a shot
is that a sign they're out of my league?
S: no probably that they're idiots

I wish him loads of happiness.
Copyright (c) "Ayelet Survivor"

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