Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lag b'Omeh

I'm so bad at parties. I went to the bangitout Lager B'Omer party, and all I did was drive off the desirable men and attract the losers.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I didn't think I was being overly friendly toward the men I found attractive, yet somehow conversations petered out. Whereas the pocket-protector crowd was practically salivating over me in my silver dress, silver eye shadow, and scarlet lipstick.

Amnon showed up. Remember Mr. Frosting? He bought me a drink and insisted on dancing with me. But when I told him I was heading home, all he said was, "Good night. Nice seeing you again."

But I did decide to celebrate my birthday instead of ignoring it. Usually my birthday celebrations are catastrophic. It's depressing how bad they are. But a few years ago, I had a really great time at Krispy Kreme with just a few friends. We cut up a bunch of donuts, had some coffee, and it was fun.

Krispy Kreme isn't on the Upper West Side anymore, but Dunkin' Donuts is. Actually, there are two kosher Dunkin' Donuts. I chose the one closer to my house, although I might switch to the other if it has more seating. I invited about 150 Facebook friends, figuring that at most 15 would show. And that's that. Just some donuts and friends. (And presents, hopefully.) Even if I'm still single, one year older, and no closer to being a wife and mother.
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  1. Hey, Happy almost Birthday. Sorry the party sucked. Don't feel too alone, supposedly misery loves company? You're not the only loser magnet, believe me. I could walk into a party looking hot as hell and walk out with four or five complete drooling nitwits trying to get my number, but not a nibble from anyone remotely interesting. I also seem to attract the FREAKS!

    Anyway, not in NY so can't have a drink with you but here's a virtual toast, to us single gals, to you, to the future!

    There must be at least two nice guys out there that we haven't met yet, hmmm? A nice short one for you, a nice tall one for me, and alleh vet zein git.

    Love and sympathy,

  2. Thanks, S. I will send tall energy your way so the tall guys will overlook me and chase you!

  3. If you see some men as "losers", then maybe you are the loser.

  4. sorry the party was shit but parties often are, its always the spontanious parties that are sucessful. I like the dunkin dognut idea, wish I could be there.

  5. Valid point, peterl ;)

    c.blogger, if you're in NYC, I'd be happy to invite you to the party!