Sunday, May 17, 2009

The nays have it

I'm not going to re-contact the men on Frumster who ignored my initial contacts. While going through the correspondence list, I clicked on a number of their profiles. So far, only one has re-visited mine, and he still hasn't bothered to contact me.

This is what he says about...

What Modern Orthodox Liberal means to me:
to be a mentch

This is how I describe myself:
I'm fun, loving, caring, loyal, hard working, successful, intellectual, strong family person, with a passion for Judaism and the world, I love music and I like to explore new things and experiences.

This is what I am looking for in a mate:
I'm looking for a good friend and hopefully one day she will be my real best friend for life, some one stable, who knows where she is standing and what she wants in life, loving, caring and understanding which is most important in a relationship. Photos available.

Obviously photos must be available -- and probably need to be perfect -- to a guy like this. And obviously he's not all that adventurous -- or all that much of a mentch -- or he'd respond to initial contacts.
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