Thursday, May 07, 2009

Plumber? No. Dentist? No.

Yossi the plumber is a Cohen, and I can't marry a Cohen. Levi says he'll keep trying:

Ok, it's only been a day. I believe that if I work for you in this then something good will happen for me in the same manner. G-d willing there will be somebody really soon that will be appropriate. DO NOT despair about this at all!

Interestingly, I also heard from Adam Hashakran:

I bumped into a friend of mine I haven't seen in 2 years and thought he'd be a good date for you: his name is Eric Rabinowitz... he's a dentist who lives in Brooklyn... open-minded, normal, nice guy.

Well, a dentist is no plumber, but I don't know this guy, so why not?

I don't know him, but he sounds nice. Please do that voodoo that you do so well ;)

Then I Googled him. And realized that not only do I know him, I don't like him. I wish the feeling were mutual, but he's been after me for years. And he's tried to "trick" a number of people into setting him up with me. After I went out with a guy named Zev from Frumster, Eric emailed me to ingenuously remark that Zev thought I should really go out with Eric. Of course, Zev had made no such suggestion. It was way creepy.

Meanwhile, in my inbox was a message from Adam:

I'm the Witch Doctor of Love! I'll give him your phone number.

Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap! I hastily emailed him:

Adam, I just realized that I probably know this guy. His Hebrew name is Ezra, right? He is much older than I am, and he's been after me for a long time. He's tried to get a bunch of people to set me up with him. I don't want to go out with him.

Sigh. There really are no good guys left.
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  1. Was I just lumped in with Adam Hashakran??? No way. Someone is just around the corner for you. I've only been on the case for a day.

    I AM going to find someone appropriate for you and I am going to hopefully find this person soon. I am happy that you are sticking to your guns and not going out with the guy who you don't like. In some of your previous postings it would seem that you might have given him a chance. I really want you to find someone who you like from the onset and then he grows on you even more. It will all be well.

    "Levi" (I can't stop laughing at my new name)

  2. There are good guys left. Maybe not in Brooklyn, but somewhere. There have to be a few.

    Yes, that is uber-creepy.


  3. Not at all, Levi! You're working much harder for me, and you actually listen to what I want!