Monday, May 25, 2009

Well, that's... flattering

I noticed that a guy 10 years my junior has been checking out my Frumster profile. Fine, whatever, he likes brunettes in red dresses, it's a free country. I didn't think much of it because of the age difference and because he lives in Berlin. Germany. Far away.

But today he sent me an IM and we had an interesting conversation. We started on Frumster but then switched to MSN messenger.

Yingerman: u do acupunture?
Ayelet: a little bit, just 5 points on the ear
Yingerman: so do i
Ayelet: really? where did u learn!
Yingerman: here in germany -- traditonal chinese medecine
Ayelet: do u know the full body? I only know a bit of the ear
Yingerman: yes
Ayelet: wow, very cool
Yingerman: i have a degree, now going for qi- gong and herbal medecine
Ayelet: thought u were studying dental surgery
Yingerman: i am a medical doctor, and now doing my second degree in dentistry, and i go for oral and maxillofacial surgery
Ayelet: u have a big thirst for knowledge!
Yingerman: u need both here in europe
Ayelet: acupuncture, medicine, dentistry
Yingerman: i am very open minded, i love to learn
Ayelet: so when ur not studying what do u do for fun?
Yingerman: so what kind ofmen do u like ? u like strong men?
i love to shop, sports, traveling
Ayelet: u like shopping? most guys don't!
Yingerman: iam very open minded for everything
Ayelet: that's cool
Yingerman: yes i love shopping !
Ayelet: I like traveling too
Yingerman: and yes i love heels i would buy my lady plenty heels

Okay, that’s a little inappropriate.

Ayelet: u sure ur straight?

Probably also inappropriate.

Yingerman: yes
Ayelet: ok
Yingerman: and u ?
Ayelet: very straight
Yingerman: but i love strong women -- that is what i like ! alpha women
Ayelet: I'm a very strong woman, but sometimes I'm vulnerable
Yingerman: sure.... everyone is
love ur lipstick by the way ..looks great on u !
Ayelet: thanks, I love lipstick
Yingerman: so do i
Ayelet: sign of a strong woman
Yingerman: yes! exactly! and looks nice
Ayelet: I don't wear makeup often, but when I do I like it to pop
so... have u ever been to NYC?
Yingerman :
nice !
no not yet.. didn’t have any reason so far.....
Ayelet: lol, ver been to the US at all?
Yingerman: do u like burberry?
no noteither
not really a fan of burberry
I don't go so much by designers as by what the clothes look like
Yingerman: so whats ur style? i just love those trenchcoats !
Ayelet: my style? I don't know... lots of bright colors, lots of red and purple, stretchy fabrics, colorful tights, funky shoes
Yingerman: nice!
Ayelet: I'm not a skinny girl, so I like comfy things, not binding things
Yingerman: ohh so no corsets?
Ayelet: eek! no way
Yingerman: lol too tight right?
Ayelet: yeah, I kind of like breathing

I wish I'd saved our Frumster convo, where I tried to scare him away by reminding him that at my age, I couldn't have as many babies as a woman his age or younger. Apparently he's tough to scare, and said that didn't bother him -- what mattered was the quality of the relationship. Unfortunate that he's in Germany, but I am pretty good at languages. We're Facebook friends now (under my real name, not my blog handle). I'll let you know what happens.
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  1. you didnt ask him why he lives where the nazis murdered millions

  2. German young people are normally very liberal and have a tatoo or two. They try to move from tradition and are just to open for my sake. I live in the German part of Switzerland, and as serious as they are...three times per year on certain dates, they go over the top and get semi naked and dance in the streets...Not my thing...he sounds like one of those

  3. Ha, this could go either of two ways. He could be a totally great guy and coming across a little strange cause of language and culture barriers, or.... I dunno, feel like I'm picking up on some "orange flags." Wouldn't say red flags. He just sounds a little fetishistic. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing. :P

  4. Anonymous the first, there are a lot of Jews living in Germany. You could ask English Jews why they live there when Jews were expelled and tortured.

    Maite, if he has tattoos, they probably date from his pre-religious days. Germans like to hike naked in Switzerland, right? ;) I doubt he's like that now.

    Anonymous the second, behind closed doors a little fetishistic = a dynamite sex life ;)

  5. That is pretty weird. Yes, he sound fetishist or something. That was a very innapropriate convo for a pre getting to know you IM. High heels and corsets? Run away.

    Look, I'm not a prude and two married folks can do just about anything together halachically speaking. But that's once they are married. A conversation about fetishes is maybe appropriate right before you get engaged to make sure your spouse won't freak out if you like leather and stuff, but not on a preliminary chat. I bet if you had taken the bait in the least bit (which to your credit you didn't) he would have opened up some...let's say "unusual" and highly innapropriate dialogue.