Thursday, May 07, 2009

Would I date a plumber?

Some of my friends, Gd bless them, are trying to help me. Ozer spent about an hour on Tuesday night going through his extensive email/phone list looking for guys I don't know and might want to. After Ziva suggested I look to Baltimore to find my true love, my Facebook friend Levi, who resides in that city, messaged me:

Would you date a plumber?

I don't know why my heart sank. After all, plumbers provide a vital service, and they usually make pretty good money. But... would I be able to talk to a plumber every day for the next 40 or so years?

The bait-and-switch shadchan asked me if my husband has to be as "accomplished" as I am. It's funny -- I'm still not used to thinking of myself as accomplished. For 10 years, I drifted from job to job, never really establishing myself in a career. It took about six years to get two master's degrees and a "cool" job as a drug counselor. Suddenly I'm impressive.

But do I need an impressive husband? No, but I do need to be able to talk to him.

Did he go to college?

I asked. Levi wasn't sure. But he had other good things to say about the guy.

He runs his own plumbing and contracting company. I see their trucks on the road, so he's probably doing fairly well. He's a very funny guy, great sense of humor. And he's built like Arnold Schwartzenegger. When my car had a flat tire, three guys and I were trying to change it, and we couldn't get the lug nuts off. He came over and the tire was changed in no time.

I'm actually impressed with men who can fix things and change tires. Jockitch was no intellectual, but he was pretty sharp. And book smarts are no substitute for life experience and street smarts. I see that every day on my job.

I told my friend I'd have to think about it... but what harm would it do to talk to this guy? I could do a lot worse, I guess. I'd have to move to Baltimore, but there are worse places to live. I'm sure they have plenty of substance abusers who need therapists.
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  1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS. I have a good feeling about it.


  2. I have a close friend who's a plumber. Graduated college with a degree in psychology, and somehow just fell into plumbing. And he does better than me, financially.

    You know the joke about the doctor who calls up a plumber?

  3. He must be quite a plumber. What's the joke?

  4. DO IT!!!!!!!!

    Plumbers are usually nice solid normal guys, and this one sounds HOT.

    Ask him if he has a brother in Israel. :D


  5. I agree! In this economy, plumbers look pretty darn good. At least they are probably not getting laid off like a lot of fancy shmancy lawyers and bankers.
    There's a great Cosby show episode about a bunch of Princeton grads who set up a plumbing business.