Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy anniversary, Ayelet

Today is my one-year anniversary at my job. I have decided that if you have interesting work and a supportive supervisor, you have a really great job.

This morning I told Dr. R that I'm struggling, even though I'm fully competent at work. He asked why I wasn't talking about my social life.

Crap. Right now I don't really have one. I get invited to parties or to go out with people, but I don't go. Even on Saturday night, when I can sleep in the next day. I just don't get out much. I don't want to do anything. And I don't know why I feel that way.

Clarice asked me yesterday, as I was leaving to go home, "What do you do for fun, Ayelet?"

I had to think. "Uh..."

"What do you do when you go home from work?" she persisted.

"I go online... I email people, I IM, I chat..." I said, horribly aware of how lame it sounded.

"Same thing I do," she said with a sigh. I felt a little better.

A friend of mine wants to go salsa or swing dancing with me. I promised I would -- Lincoln Center has free outdoor dancing in July. I love dancing. Why don't I want to go?

I hope I enjoy my birthday party this Sunday. I hope I'm grateful for whoever shows up, not resentful of whoever doesn't, and that I don't spend the time wishing I were at home in front of the computer.

And I hope I enjoy this Shabbos with Jerusha, the kids, and my parents. I am definitely bringing the Vitamin K.
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  1. I have found that taking an interesting class just one day a week does wonders for my wellbeing. I look forward to the class, am happy at the class and the rest of the evening afterwords. Over the years I have taken dance classes, language classes, darbuka drum class, paper-cutting class, right now I am taking a sewing class. It doesn't matter what the class is (although I do believe that dancing has an extra power to boost good feelings). It adds fun to your life, gets you out of the house to see and meet other people, and enriches your life. And paying in advance for the full course makes you get out of the house on days when you might not have, and it ends up being worth it. It's just fun :)