Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm too old for this sh*t

Last night I went out with a group of friends. Much younger friends, but all my friends who are my age are married with kids, so I have to make do.

First was a birthday party for a woman I don't know, at a bar I'd never heard of. It was crowded, noisy, and hot. Dreadfully hot. I could feel myself sweating off all my makeup. At least I got my daily 10 minutes of exercise and then some, dancing.

I also got hit on by a very small entomologist 12 years my junior. Interesting guy. I don't have a problem with short, since I'm not tall. We had a decent conversation, and he advised me on what kind of insect repellent I should bring on my next vacation. Then he asked where I was from, and I told him.

"I went to college with someone from there," he said. "Do you know -- ?"

I laughed. "How old are you?" I asked. He told me. "After my time," I said. "I'm 39."

"You could pass for 22," he said stoutly. Which was nice, although to be fair it was pretty dark in the bar. But then he had to go "take care of some business" (his words), and I didn't see him for the rest of the night. My friends and I went to another bar I'd never heard of, I met some more new people 10 or more years my junior, and I danced with increasing lethargy.

Remind me, next time I'm out with 20somethings, to take a taxi home at 1 a.m. I was promised a ride, and I didn't get home until 4.
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