Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My enviable teeth and strong leg

"I wish I had teeth like yours, Ayelet," said my dentist, Dr. Hilarious.

"Eally?" I mumbled around his fingers. "Oo goo?"

"I do," he said. "Your teeth are enviably untouched by man."

So is the rest of my body, I thought peevishly.

Dr. Hilarious continued to enumerate their virtues. "They're not cracked, no crowns, no bridges, pretty straight, very few fillings..." When his fingers were out of my mouth I said, "But my gums are terrible, right?" I had a gingival graft back in 2000 and am terribly prone to gingivitis.

"Your gums are holding steady," he said. But it's interesting that I had to blow past a compliment -- how great a compliment is that: my dentist admires my teeth??? -- to focus on the negative.

A few weeks ago, my pedicurist told me, "You have very strong leg!" after scrubbing my calves. She handles calves all day long -- I wonder how many impress her. And yet the compliment didn't really bouy me up that much. Even though it's nice to know the FitFlops were a good investment, all I could think about was the rest of me, which isn't nearly as taut and toned.
Copyright (c) "Ayelet Survivor"


  1. But think how handsome a price you'd fetch at a horse auction! ;)

  2. You're lucky to have such good teeth! My teeth aren't so good. I have to go to the dentist because of a chipped tooth and I'm dreading their comments so much that I've been procrastinating.

  3. I'm too old to be much of a brood mare. I'd probably end up at the glue factory ;)

  4. Ploni, I actually hate going to the dentist as well because my gums are sensitive. But if you're afraid of what your dentist would say, you should go to mine. He's always extremely nice, and funny, too -- almost as funny as my doctor.

  5. Amusing piece of writing.