Monday, June 08, 2009

My ex-boyfriend's back

On my birthday, I commented on a Facebook friend's status update. And so did my ex-boyfriend. I went out with him in college, 20 years ago, so let's call him Jurassic Vassilievitch. He was born in the former Soviet Union.

I friended JV on Facebook on Friday (after seeing his comment) and suggested we catch up sometime. I spent all Sunday looking for him online. Finally he logged on, and we IMed for a while and then spoke on the phone. At his suggestion, although I'd already emailed him my phone number.

JV has bad luck with women. He fell in love with me -- hard. He really, really, really, really loved me. I tried to love him but ultimately found him annoying. I can't put my finger on why; I just wasn't into him, so I broke up with him.

Then JV got engaged to his childhood sweetheart, who, like him, came over from Russia and, like me, broke up with him. A few years later, he married a woman who apparently loved him enough to be jealous of me -- although not of the ex-fiancée -- but didn't love him enough to be much of a wife, although they did have two children. He's been divorced for a few years.

Talking with JV was comfortable. I told him about my nervous breakdown -- he knew I had mental illness issues when we dated, and to his credit, it didn't bother him -- and the rest of my life. Two master's degrees, a job I mostly love, nieces and nephews, no marriages, no kids. He spoke a bit about his lonely marriage, his job, which is boring but stable, and his kids, who apparently show great mathematical potential. (He's an engineer, so that's not surprising.)

We left it at "let's talk again soon." He made sure I had his phone number. Where will it lead? I have no idea. I can think of several issues that could hinder me from embarking upon a great second-time-around romance with JV:

1. I might still find him annoying.
2. He might no longer be interested in me romantically.
3. I'm not sure what his level of observance is. I know his kids go to a Jewish day school, but I don't know if he keeps kosher or Shabbos. When he asked why I was still single, I told him my dating pool was "shallow." He said, "I've noticed that about your dating pool."

For now, I'm going to see where it goes.
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  1. Yes, see where it goes! Don't over think it at this point.

  2. I like this story, Ayelet. I think you're right to see where it goes, and I'm happy for you. I also agree, however, that level of observance is something to keep an eye on. In any case, good luck. I'm rootin for ya!

  3. I like it, I like it!

    Stick a toe in the water, hon...