Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dating update

Well, the "psychospiritual chemistry" (PC) guy who's my age wrote back:

thank you lets talk

I responded

okay, when?

PC read but didn't answer. As the Brits say, whatevs. I won't lose sleep waiting for him to name a time.

Also wrote to another guy who's 46. Kind of on the upper end of my dating comfort zone. From his profile:

This is how I describe myself: I think I can say it in only two words "REAL MAN". A real man is someone who is strong when he has to be, always kind and considerate and most of all admits when he's wrong and stands strong when he is right.

This is what I am looking for in a mate: A woman who is kind with a good heart, but tough when she has to be, wise and pretty inside and outside.

Real Man (RM) sounds a bit of all right, and I sound like the woman he's looking for. I wrote to him to say so, and asked to see his password-protected photo. Which he allowed me to do, with the caveat that he looks better in person. So do I -- I'm not at all photogenic -- but his photos weren't bad. We exchanged emails explaining what we do for fun. Then he wrote:

do you eat only in kosher places or do you eat some things in an unkosher place too?

What are guys like RM doing on a website called "Frumster"?

Ayelet: only kosher
RM: ok
A: so... ? ;)
RM: phone?

I gave him my number.

RM: when is the best time to call?
A: between 9 and 11 p.m.
RM: I will try, if I'm not busy at that time. Have a great day.

How often are you busy between 9 and 11? Every night? Whatevs.

The Other Survivor called last night, but I'd just gotten home and was hungry and exhausted. He said he'd call back tonight. On the plus side, relapse prevention group actually went really well, despite my sleep deficit and incipient hypomania. I was feeling tired and out of sorts by the end of the day, worried I wouldn't be able to wrangle the group members, but it went fine.

Tonight I'm doing acupuncture on my assistant clinical director and a friend from grad school, but I should be home in time to talk to OS. Tomorrow morning I see Dr. R. Tomorrow night I'm taking some friends who really need to have fun to a gay go-go bar. Don't worry -- I know it's the three weeks, but this is therapy.
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