Sunday, July 05, 2009

Don't want to step on her toes

What is worse than waking up at 4 a.m. on a Sunday morning? Okay, many things, but it still sucks.

Since I'm up, I might as well tell you about a lawyer-philosopher I recently met on Facebook. He's friends with Faigie, who somehow is friends with both the real Ayelet and the blog Ayelet without knowing we're the same person. I'm not sure how. Faigie is Alona's cousin, and Alona is friends with both Ayelets, so Faigie might have seen one of Alona's comments on a blog post, checked out the blog, and requested to friend the blog Ayelet.

Anyway, last week Faigie posted a link to a blog post, "Iran Massacres Prove the U.N. is impotent." Her friend Pinchas "liked" the post. I commented on it:

Damn straight.

Pinchas responded,

political viagra needed.

I commented,

More like political castration. Abolish the UN!

As you may have noticed, I can be hotheaded and given to extreme statements. In cyberspace, many people are. Not Pinchas. On his Facebook page, he sedately quotes Gray's Elegy, the Babylonian Talmud, Benjamin Franklin, Proverbs, a Supreme Court decision, and Seinfeld. I know this because he friended me before the comments started getting heated.

abolition would, by definition, further impotence. nor do we want omnipotence. while basis for criticism exists, i cannot conclude, from the admittedly little i know, that on balance the UN does more harm than good, particularly in areas such as humanitarian development (e..g., UNICEF), peace-keeping, etc.

What is it about me that I can't just agree with people who make sense? Why did I have to go all out to demonize the U.N. because he wasn't?

Their peacekeeping troops are known to rape the female residents in the areas they're supposed to protect. I really don't have anything good to say about the UN.

Pinchas was taken aback.

UN was embarrassed by rape and other misconduct by troops in Africa. six perpetrators in the Congo mission were convicted and sentenced to life and their domestic government sponsor paid restitution. although rare, U.S. soldiers have been court martialed for rape/murder in Iraq, but we do not abolish the U.S. military. same re: rogue cops question is the extent of corruption and the U.N.'s efforts to hold outlaws responsible for their crimes against humanity.

Doesn't that make sense? You would think Ayelet would shut the hell up.

Sudan is on the UN Human Rights Council. Along with Angola, Congo, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Iran, Cuba, Syria, and other such "champions" of liberty and decency. This council condemns Israel for trying to get the Palestinians in Gaza to stop launching missiles directed at Israeli noncombatants. How can you view the UN as anything but a putrid joke???


i don't agree with the Council's unfair condemnation of Israel's self-defense, but membership's based on geography/ majority vote. UN can only be effective as its 192 members. fortunately, neither Israel nor U.S. is bound by its proclamations, but you haven't shown abolition or U.S. withdrawal (not Fmr. Amb. John Bolton, et. al. representing U.S) would be preferable; even your UN Watch link supports improvement, not abolition. nor do you acknowledge ANY positive contribution, focusing solely on the negative.

[U.N. Watch is a blog I follow. I posted a link to it on Pinchas's wall.] Again, a measured and reasonable response from Pinchas. What does Ayelet say?

The UN's member states don't get that democracy is not just majority rule. It must include protection for minorities. And free speech. They don't get this because they don't practice this in their own governance. I don't acknowledge any positive contributions because I honestly don't see any. Their peacekeepers don't keep the peace. Their NGOs are famously corrupt.

Faigie interceded at that point:

we all need yoga guys. and girls.

And I realized how shrill I was sounding.

sigh... it's been a looooooooooooong week

Think I managed to scare him off? Well, I wasn't sure, so I decided to make a discreet inquiry about him and emailed Faigie:

Your friend is Pinchas kinda cute. Think I scared him with my screed against the UN?

She responded:

i have no idea....i've never met him yet. he friended me last week.

Oh. So they're not definitely... just friends. Or are they?

oh -- lol -- thought u knew him ;)

Could I sound any lamer?

nope. he friended me and started commenting on my stuff :)

Pretty much what he did with me.

interesting... he must like outspoken brunettes ;)

Is she into Pinchas as much as I am? I don't know; she changed the subject. And since she met him first, and she's prettier than I am, I think she probably has a better claim to his affections. But I don't get the sense she's interested, unless she's playing it cool.

I did challenge Pinchas to a game of Lexulous, though. That's the online version of Scrabble I play on Facebook. For a couple of days he ignored the challenge, and I thought I had overplayed my hand. Then last night he IMed me:

Pinchas: did you send me a word game? i never know if third party applications on FB are authorized. I love word games

Ayelet: yes, it's like Scrabble -- I thought you would be a worthy opponent ;)

Pinchas: oh, ok. when they are real takes me forever to figure out how to play, hahahha, thanks. i like word games like Balderdash, i'm a logophile, largolept... vocab and etymology

Logophile? Largolept? Be still my heart!

Ayelet: same here, although the words that pack the most punch on Scrabble aren't always the most interesting

Pinchas: yeah, not patient for games generally unless its fast simple and interesting. sorry, but have to run; thanks for having me in mind, happy fourth

How can I capture his interest quickly?

Ayelet: is that how you like your women? ;) happy fourth

It might have worked:

hahaha fast and interesting, yes, that's how i like em

I suppose we'll see. It's his move. And I hope I'm not stepping on Faigie's toes.
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  1. Lol... I so sympathize but doesn't sound like he's really up for a relationship.

    I adore word games. Hard to find nice guys who do, too.


  2. I'm sure you're right, S. Sigh...

  3. How to rope a man into any game:

    Let him win but not by too much and keep challenging him. He'll be smitten in no time.

    Feed a man's stomach; you've got a friend for a day. Feed a man's ego; you've got a mate for life.

  4. Ayelet,
    I am hoping you don't take men advice from the likes of anonymous here.
    BTW, your thoughts on the UN seem awfully similar to your thoughts on psychologists.