Monday, July 20, 2009

Gloating just a lil bit

We have a new group at my program -- "addiction & wellness." Since it's new, it was only being offered twice a week, at relatively early times. That means that clients who couldn't attend on those days at those times could not attend the group. A problem, since it's mandatory.

Last week at case conference, I opined that this was a problem. "We need another A&W group," I said. "On Monday evening at 6:30." Logistically that would the best time. The big group room is available, and clients who can't come on either of the other two days could probably come on Monday at a later time.

"Easy there, tiger," said my boss. "I have to consider a lot of factors, like scheduling."

Today he sent out an email announcing that the newest counselor -- the one who thinks I have such great energy -- will be facilitating another section of A&W group on Monday at 6:30.

I went to apologize to her -- after all, it's my fault she now has to talk about STDs and condoms with a group of (mainly) male recovering substance abusers. But I'm gloating.
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