Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not really fasting

I should be in synagogue listening to Eichah, but I'm home instead. I'm going to try to eat less over the next 25 hours, but I can't fast.

Since I'm home, I might as well give you a little SOS update: He hasn't called this week, but today he emailed me:


Just wanted to ensure you didn't think I've forgotten about you!

It's been an unusually busy week at work (I was going to call yesterday evening, but remembered you work until 8 pm Tuesdays, and I have a chevruta on Tuesdays at 8:45 pm)... I hope you have an easy fast & I'll be in touch before Shabbos!

Regards, SOS

Well, that's nice of him. Bonus points for remembering I work late on Tuesday. I guess he'll try to call Friday afternoon.

No worries -- I understand busy ;) Tzum kal, and I'll talk to you later.

I was supposed to daven today for three people undergoing surgery. I diligently wrote down their Hebrew names and mothers' names, which I then left at home. So while they were either in surgery or the recovery room, I was davening for them without their names ("my friend Minka, who's having hand surgery"; "my Facebook friend Stacy's mother, who's having cancer surgery"; you get the idea). Hopefully the message got through.
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  1. The message got through.

    Also, Rockin Rabbi did a special Eicha gathering tonight in my neighborhood. But I didn't go, because I had to be at my shul.

    Either way, everything should go smooth and easy.

  2. I'm pretty sure God knows whom you meant. :)

    I'm sorry you are unable to fast. I just read the blog that you linked to, and what can I say... that's my life, too...

    One way that I really connected to Eichah was thinking "Shever Bat Ami"... that's us, my dear. No need to elaborate although I could. I think you get the picture. And if that doesn't give you access to a few well-earned sobs... I don't know what will.

    All the shit that is constantly going down in our lives... which is based on living in a twisted, corrupt and broken version of what society in general should be, and what society in our community specifically should be... is a symptom of Churban and Galut. I weep for that.


  3. Liking the sound of this SOS character.

    And though I am not frum anymore, even when I was, I was also not allowed to fast. I also have a "doctor's note." And I remember quite well what that felt like. Like a disconnect from the experience of the community. And kinda still do when YK comes around and my non-OJ community is fasting.