Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The official bed & breakfast of ayelet-helpfordepression

I've gotten several emails asking me about the fantastic kosher B&B I stayed at. It's Harris's Happy Hunter Hideaway, and I recommend it unreservedly. You can tell him Ayelet sent you, but that won't really get you anything. Or me. But it's a terrific getaway, and you can't beat the value and service.

In dating news: I got a phone call last Wednesday at 10:15 p.m. from SOS, the 32-year-old living in Cleveland. I was actually busy at the time helping RSX set up his new website -- he's a freshly minted acupuncturist/herbalist/qigong masseur; I used to write professionally for websites, and of course I'm good with templates after having this blog for so long.

Anyway, I told RSX I couldn't talk because I was busy helping a friend with his website. SOS said, "Do you have my number on Caller ID now? Want to call me back at a better time?"

"You want me to call you?" I asked. "Okay... sure. No problem."

So I called back last Thursday and left a voicemail. And left it at that. Didn't hear from him Friday, Saturday night, all day Sunday and most of Monday. I wondered if I had blown it with him. He finally sent an email yesterday evening:

Ayelet, please forgive the delayed reply to your voice-mail. I was out-of-town, from Friday until today, for my birthday weekend...

I'll be in touch again, by phone, this week. Have a good night & I look forward to chatting with you. Regards, SOS

I guess he'll be calling. I can't say the same about the Other Survivor, in Montreal. He called me the Thursday night before I went to Harris's Happy Hunter Hideaway, and I was stressed out. Trying to book a flight to Seattle for my cruise, trying to pack, distracted and cranky. I tried not to be rude, but I did say it wasn't a good time.

"When would be a good time?" he asked. "I think you were busy the last time I called, too."

"Well..." I hedged. The last time he called was a Tuesday night, after I'd just gotten home from a long day at work, and I was tired and didn't feel like talking. He'd said he'd call on Wednesday, when I'm less exhausted, but instead he called on Thursday, almost as long and tiring a day as Tuesday.

"I don't know," I said, hardly thinking straight. "My schedule's kind of chaotic sometimes."

I guess I could have emailed him to set up a good time for him to call me again (so could he). But I haven't heard from him, and I haven't really thought about him. I kind of want to set Shevy up with him, but she's very wary of blind dates.
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  1. Ooh! I really want to try that B&B, is it expensive and is it infested with giggly frum young couples?


  2. It's not expensive, and the young couple that was there wasn't giggly.